Vauhdilla etenevän digitalisaation myötä kokemukselliset teknologiat; virtuaalitodellisuus ja laajennettu todellisuus ovat olleet osa päivittäistä työtämme jo usean vuoden ajan. Digitalisaation, pilvipalvelujen ja mobiiliteknologioiden huima kehitys mahdollistaa tiedon tuottamisen ja hyödyntämisen hankkeen kaikissa vaiheissa ja tehtävissä tehostaen tiedonkulkua.

It is up to us to implement digitalization successfully -The #AIAEC2022 summary

March 31, 2022

The AI in AEC 2022 annual conference was held between 23-24 March 2022. In this year’s edition the conference gathered about 250 participants from 31 countries. There were 43 presentations during the 2 days. Topics discussed of Computational Design, Automated Document Processing, AI enablers, Smart Buildings and Cities, Autonomous Monitoring, Sustainable Development and Construction Management. A current panel discussed how to reach the benefits of AI. 

The construction industry is one of the largest and oldest industries in the world. Over 10 trillion euros are spent annually in the industry, the industry also employs over 7% of the working population. To succeed in the digital transformation of the industry a common effort is required, different stakeholders need to be able to agree on standards, create new and improve existing collaboration methods and processes in order to reap the full benefits of digitalization.  

A successful digital transformation of the construction industry would be able to help us reduce the industry’s carbon footprint while increasing its productivity and effectiveness.  

This is the reason that Sweco has partnered with RIL- Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, for the 3rd consecutive year, to organize the AI in AEC conference. We believe that efforts like this, raise awareness and competence within our industry, these are crucial steps needed for a wider acceptance and adoption of these new technologies. 

It is often said that “seeing is believing”, hearing success stories and seeing successful implementations in production environments, help the audience grow their competence, expand their horizons, and hopefully equip them with the means to implement change in their organizations and ecosystems. 

During the event, we launched a challenge to the participants. Now, I would like to extend this challenge to you: “In the next 1 year before the next year #AIAEC2023 event, try to spread what you have learned so far related to new technologies, with the most people possible in your sphere of influence”. 

If we all come together, educate, share, show examples, brainstorm, implement change, we will speed up the so much needed Digital Transformation of the Industry. 

If you have attended the #AIAEC2022 conference, you can watch the recordings and the presentation materials for a duration of 90 days after the conference.

Do not miss next year event #AIAEC2023, save the dates in your calendars 22-23 March 2023, more information will come during the spring, summer 2022 in

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Ricardo Farinha, Director of Technology, Sweco

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