New Technology

We live in exciting times, where technology ensures that nothing is impossible. Sweco´s designers understand how technology can be used as a part of everyday design and construction to achieve better productivity and quality.

Data redefining our workflows. How it help us to improve construction industry?

February 27, 2020 i Digitalisaatio, New Technology

Even though data and data collection are not new concepts in the business environment, converting data, and the underlaying knowledge, into actionable insights is something not commonly done in the Architecture, Engineering in Construction (AEC) industry. The AEC industry still heavily relies on intuition rather than data in many of its operational processes. Think about…

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The end of the 21st century second decade and the rise of Technology

January 15, 2020 i New Technology

In this second decade of the 21st century, we lived in an extraordinary age where technology and information were being created at an exponential rate.   However, the 10 trillion euro/annually construction industry, still faced, and in many cases lost the battle, to many of its old foes. These foes range from collaboration and communication issues,…

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