Sustainable Industry

Sustainable industry creates well-being for humans and society. Industrial development towards carbon neutral solutions, energy transition and circular economy improve also economic sustainability and employs thousands of people. Bio-products, carbon free energy and battery chemicals are only few examples of modern society’s improvements.

Can sustainable lignin revolutionize bioeconomy?

September 28, 2022 i Sustainable Industry

Lignin – the second most abundant natural polymer on earth – was designed by nature to keep plant tissue together and protect it from damage and decay. Lignin presence is particularly significant in woody (lignocellulosic) biomass used as raw material by biobased industries to manufacture goods and commodities. Importantly, such goods and commodities do not…

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Hiilikierrolla ja kestävällä raaka-aineiden käytöllä kohti kestävämpää teollisuutta

Päästäksemme irti fossiilisista raaka-aineista ja saavuttaaksemme ilmastotavoitteemme, hiiltä tulee kierrättää ekologisesti kestävästi….

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Sustainable Chemistry as Growth Enabler for Bio-based Industry: Sweco experts are here for you

December 17, 2021 i Sustainable Industry

There is a very high ambition level in the European Union for making things happen under the umbrella of Green Transfer. It is stated that implementing Green Transfer would ensure Europe’s strong and competitive position and bright future for generations and times to come. …

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New mandatory disclosure requirements for corporate actors under the EU taxonomy – scope, timeline and next steps

December 7, 2021 i Sustainable Industry, Turvallisuus

The EU Taxonomy Regulation introduces a new mandatory non-financial disclosure requirement for large companies that fall under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive….

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Microplastics in our environment – concerns and legislative developments

November 18, 2021 i Sustainable Industry

What is the fuss about? Microplastics are found in growing quantities in the environment. They are tiny plastic particles, smaller than 5 mm in diameter. Due to their small size and non-biodegradability, they are easily ingested and have a tendency of accumulating in the water, soil, and tissues of different organisms. Typical sources of microplastics…

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Sustainability can be both cheap and easy – How to reach a triple win with outsourcing textiles

May 19, 2021 i Sustainable Industry

Traditionally sustainability has been considered as an extra: at worst, it can mean more costs, more effort, and a need for new expertise. When a more sustainable solution is both cheaper and easier to use, it sounds almost too good to be true. However, it is possible. Efficiency is achieved by smart cooperation where the…

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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism is envisaged under the European Green Deal to reduce the risk of carbon leakage

November 27, 2020 i Sustainable Industry

Carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) is envisaged by the European Green Deal (EGD) as one of the key measures that should contribute to achieving EU’s long-term objective of climate neutrality by 2050 as well as EU’s climate ambition to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 50–55% from 1990 levels by 2030. In this context, the European Green Deal emphasizes that: “Should differences in levels of ambition…

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From Lab to Business – The main challenges for commercialization of new Bio-based Processes

June 9, 2020 i Sustainable Industry

We live in the times when world faces challenges like climate change, population growth, increasing global energy demand as well as possible shortage of fossil resources. These challenges force us to seek possibilities for shifting from oil-based to bio-based resources for energy and materials production. In this perspective, biorefinery concept is seen as the key…

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