Sustainable Industry

Sustainable industry creates well-being for humans and society. Industrial development towards carbon neutral solutions, energy transition and circular economy improve also economic sustainability and employs thousands of people. Bio-products, carbon free energy and battery chemicals are only few examples of modern society’s improvements.

Sustainable Chemistry as Growth Enabler for Bio-based Industry: Sweco experts are here for you

December 17, 2021

There is a very high ambition level in the European Union for making things happen under the umbrella of Green Transfer. It is stated that implementing Green Transfer would ensure Europe’s strong and competitive position and bright future for generations and times to come.  

Green Transfer covers extremely broad context of industries. I depict it containing elements of circular bioeconomy with a twist of energy / closely intertwined with energy (hydrogen economy, renewable energy, recovery of “losses” and closing the loops of industrial streams). Sustainable Chemistry is the very core of Green Transfer context, and real enabler and accelerator for growth in this Green Transfer.    

To me, Sustainable Chemistry is like a “pencil of endless source for creativity” with which we can reshape our future and generate solutions we all need our everyday life. And indeed, we need this creativity to innovate, and combine technologies to be sustainable from economic, environmental, and societal perspectives. As A. Lincoln so nicely put it already quite some time ago: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  

Let’s start creating!  

We at Sweco deploy our “pencils” for delivering sustainable engineering solutions and expertize whether it is chemistry for renewable fibre products or biomaterials and bioproducts, or chemistry for carbon neutral, resource-efficient industrial facilities. Biodiversity assessments and understanding of the regulative landscape is part of our Sustainable Chemistry palette.  

We at Sweco firmly believe on collaboration and we transforming society together. This is our promise to all of you, our collaborators and partners! We will harness this pen of ours to benefit all stakeholders. Our expertize is strong and diverse and we got skills and competences from chemistry, process, and energy techniques (incl. plant design and capex estimates) to bioproduct understanding (incl. safe and sustainable by design and complex biobased value chains understanding). All this and much more is available from Sweco toolbox. 

We are eager to collaborate with you – let’s implement bio-based industrial solutions together and lead the way to bright future with Sustainable Chemistry. 

Tuulamari Helaja, BU Director, Biobased Industry 

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