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Sustainable Chemistry as Growth Enabler for Bio-based Industry: Sweco experts are here for you

December 17, 2021 i Sustainable Industry

There is a very high ambition level in the European Union for making things happen under the umbrella of Green Transfer. It is stated that implementing Green Transfer would ensure Europe’s strong and competitive position and bright future for generations and times to come. …

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Sustainability can be both cheap and easy – How to reach a triple win with outsourcing textiles

May 19, 2021 i Sustainable Industry

Traditionally sustainability has been considered as an extra: at worst, it can mean more costs, more effort, and a need for new expertise. When a more sustainable solution is both cheaper and easier to use, it sounds almost too good to be true. However, it is possible. Efficiency is achieved by smart cooperation where the…

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Data redefining our workflows. How it help us to improve construction industry?

February 27, 2020 i Digitalisaatio, New Technology

Even though data and data collection are not new concepts in the business environment, converting data, and the underlaying knowledge, into actionable insights is something not commonly done in the Architecture, Engineering in Construction (AEC) industry. The AEC industry still heavily relies on intuition rather than data in many of its operational processes. Think about…

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